Long Time Closed Cabinet
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Oct 2022


Ink (marker) on newspaper, textile paint, clothes

The work was a part of the growing exhibition "Occasional Camping" initiated by the Bulgarian Artist Leda Ekimova. It was a challenge 4 me to form the first piece in the empty apartment where different international artists wer invited to react on the environment. I found stunning poverty in the city of Varna and in the beautiful country I travelled through. Bulgaria is by now the poorest country of the EU. During my stay the materials, the smells and architectual elements evoqued in me a strong memory of my childhood.
As a former easterner I had been transformed into a wester. Evening by evening I inhaled the smells of memory, sitting alone on the patio and writing my thoughts down which I later on translated with the help of a computer translater and retrieved my skills in cyrillic writing which I had learnt long time ago. Then I painted it with markers on newspapers I bought or the neighbour gave to me. I put them in the cabinet which I took as a symbol for my own inner safe of recorded memories.